Saturday, April 14, 2012

Breasts lead to arrest of Anonymous hacker


Police allege that an Anonymous hacker posted a picture of his presumed girlfriend's breasts as a taunt to U.S authorities. The picture allegedly contained GPS information that led the FBI to her. [Read more]

IBM Puts All Its Experience in a Box


In case nobody noticed, IBM put its reputation on the line the other day. It said it had distilled all the years of experience it got from tens of thousands of customer engagements around the world – and nobody can compete with that – into a box, an “expert integrated system” that it made every conceivable marketing claim about, beginning with making everything utterly simple. It said it was a snap to deploy, cuts application deployment time from maybe, say, six months all told to a month, and uses self-healing intelligent software to install, maintain, update and monitor itself and all its parts from operating systems through to applications to cut support costs. Blessedly the thing reportedly doesn’t need ham-fingered human intervention so IT can go off and do cleverer, creative things because it’s no longer worried about just keeping the lights on and spending 70% of its budget on maintenance. The nimble miracle box is called PureSystems – which makes it sound like it’s been through some sort of ritual bath – and it’s supposed to put IBM at the head of the next technology curve.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IBM brings smart charging to Honda Fit EVs


Using the Fit's telematics system, IBM demo project will gather data and set schedules for plug-in vehicles to show that the grid can handle millions of electric vehicles.

IBM brings smart charging to Honda Fit EVs

Evolution of SAP HANA

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